Continuous Experimentation

Adapting Continuous Experimentation Approach helps Enterprises to innovate, enhance performance and productivity with agility.


Continuous Experimentation involves the execution of new thoughts throughout the enterprise. With the culture of experimentation and learning, the capabilities of an organization improve and stimulates innovation.


Enterprises’ test their hypothesis by experimenting and analyze collected data. It improves their future product and also the current product to capitalize on the power of Continuous Experimentation.


The term continuous represents the iteration and sustainability of the approach. Enterprises can take advantage of continuous experimentation to increase its business value in short periods of time. If an enterprise aims to be agile, the continuous experiment is the way to go.


At AnyCloudIT, the culture of experimentation is centred around innovation. Enterprises Adopting the Continuous Experimentation Approach helps companies evolve, improve agile efficiency and profitability.